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Never carry your
heels again!

My Shoe Bae
The Duo - My Shoe Bae + AfterSocks

Multiple Ways to Hold Your Heels

My Shoe Bae is the ​only accessory made especially for holding high heels.

We designed ​My Shoe Bae​ to hang discreetly from your purse, clutch, belt loop or dress sash while complementing any outfit! It’s specifically for women who want the option to wear their heels all night long, or just long enough to make a good first impression.

We love heels...but by the end of the night, those heels can ​feel ​awful.

Whether you are at the club or at a concert in Vegas, we want to make sure you keep dancing, so Take Those Heels Off!

Just strap your heels to your My Shoe Bae and keep the party going!

The Problem

Heels Suck. No matter how comfortable they seem at first, eventually your feet start to hurt. No problem. You just pop them off and that solves everything.

Hanging on to your heels all night really cramps your style. It keeps you from having the freedom to hold your drink, snap pix with your girlfriends and post all your glam on Instagram.

The Solution

My Shoe Bae​ is the ​only ​solution that is…

  • Hands-free- allows women to still use their phone, hold a beverage and dance with their heels clipped safely to their side
  • Quick, discreet and simple to use
  • Small and Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-abrasive
  • Sleek looking, ​My Shoe Bae​ compliments any outfit!
  • And even better, if you keep it on your bag, it’s ​always available. No planning ahead. Now that’s convenient!

Happy Baes


"Prom! My feet were done by the end of the night. It was great not having to carry my shoes around."

-Queenie - Raleigh, NC

"A must have for any Vegas trip!"

-Danielle - Washington, DC

"Thanks to My Shoe Bae, I was able to keep on dancing without worrying where I left my uncomfortable heels."

-Katie - Charlotte, NC

"It’s so small and convenient.
Going to order more for my next girls trip!"

-Krystal - Baltimore, MD