10 Tips for Walking in Heels without Busting Your A$$

Heels are a go-to sexy, sophisticated, and classy shoe, but after hours of wear, they HURT! Besides not being the most comfortable shoe in your closet, you might feel like you’re in a balancing act if the heel is more than an inch high.

Don’t be that girl. A wounded giraffe is not a good look for anyone. Trust me, I know.

Here are ten tips for wearing heels.

  1. Break them in. Wear them around the house and on different surfaces to get a feel for the heel. If you don’t, you’re bound to get blisters!  If you notice they’re too tight or uncomfortable in certain areas, use a shoe stretcher. Check out Formé.  Or, you can always use the hairdryer trick.

    You can do this with or without socks, but basically you’ll want to blast your shoes with hot air from the hairdryer for 2-3 minutes while you flex your toes and stretch out the tight areas.  Keep the socks on while they cool (if you’re wearing them), and then test out the heels without the socks. Repeat as necessary.

  2. Scuff up the soles. You’re probably used to wearing heels indoors at fancy events, work, socials and more. But did you know that wearing them outside for a bit on the concrete can toughen up the bottom so they are less slippery?  Don’t want to mess up those red bottoms? Then add grippy removable sole protectors. Check these out on Amazon.

  3. Practice standing in them. There’s more to heels than just walking in them. You need to learn how to stand in them comfortably. Stand with the heel of one foot touching the middle of the other foot, while cocked at an angle. You’ll feel less pain standing if you do this. 

  4. Make sure the shoe fits your foot. Choosing the right heel can affect how you walk and how long you’ll last in your heels. When you go shoe shopping, go at the end of the day when your feet are a little swollen from walking around. Pick heels that fit the shape of your foot, making sure they’re slightly wider than your barefoot. 

  5. Use inserts. There are hundreds of products on the market that will make wearing heels a little more tolerable. Using inserts, pads and sprays will give you more support which will offset some of the pressure you feel when walking allowing you to last longer in those stilettos. Try Vivian Lou insolia.

  6. Start small. If you’ve never worn heels before, or you don’t wear them that often, don’t start with 5” stilettos. Loubies are not where you want to start your high heel journey. Try something smaller first, like a 2” or wedge to get a feel for the height. Then you can work your way up to higher heels.  Luckily, kitten heels and mules have made a recent comeback. Lots of options out there. Check out these gorgeous styles by Aminah Abdul Jillil.

  7. Walk heel to toe. Don’t put the ball of your foot down at the same time as the heel.  Always roll heel to toe to make your walk look more natural and easier.

  8. Take tiny steps. Wearing heels makes your stride shorter—more than half of what it is typically! You’ll need to take more, smaller steps to go the same distance.

  9. Use your sole to climb stairs. When taking the stairs, use only the sole of the shoe (not the heel).  Yes, this goes against the advice above to never walk flat-footed, but you always want your foot to be parallel to the step to help you balance. Use the handrail! There is nothing more embarrassing than falling up a flight of stairs in a cocktail dress. 

  10. Take a seat every now and then. Take a time out or two to give your feet a rest throughout the day or night. This way you’ll last longer in the shoes.

Consider these tips before you buy or wear a new pair of heels.  If all else fails, take them off. My Shoe Bae has you covered and AfterSocks will make sure you’re not barefoot on your walk home. 

What other tips do you have? Comment below. 

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