My Shoe Bae to the Rescue

My Shoe Bae evolved from me being straight-up tacky and always having to take my heels off in public places.

The first time I noticed this was my thing was during my bachelorette party in Vegas, 2013. We were staying at the Planet Hollywood and Saturday night we had dinner reservations at a sushi restaurant in City Center. Just a short, little walk down the strip in brand new, not-broken-in Christian Louboutin So Kates.

I was dying, but I refused to take my heels off that early. So, I stuck it out all the way to the restaurant. As soon as I sat down, those things were off. I even contemplated not putting them back on to go to the restroom, but I checked myself and hobbled over.

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Bachelorette Party Vegas 2013

Have you ever tried to stuff swollen feet back into heels and walk? It is misery, and it was for me that night. After dinner, I walked the strip back to the hotel, barefoot, holding my beautiful heels. Despite my friend Mike’s sarcastic whisper to “put your shoes on Julie, you’re on the strip.” Now I didn’t know if this was a no-no because I was in public, or it was the sidewalk factor or both. All I knew is there was no fucking way. Only my trusted flip flops could get me through the rest of the night. (I really could have used some AfterSocks back then)

The problem with needing to take my heels off just kept happening. I became more and more comfortable with just saying fuck it and taking my shoes off when the pain set it.

At first, I was a bit embarrassed, but I got over that real quick once I felt that rush of relief that every woman knows when those heels finally get tossed to the side. It wasn’t until my next trip to Vegas some years later to see the fabulous Britney Spears that I slapped together my first prototype.

I was in the pit at the Britney Spears New Year’s Eve concert at the Planet Hollywood when after 2 hours of standing in line before the show, and then 45 minutes into the concert, my feet started killing me! I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear my beautiful, perfectly matched heels the whole night.

Britney Spears Planet Hollywood Las Vegas NYE 2017
Britney Spears Planet Hollywood Las Vegas NYE 2017

Luckily, I packed a cheap pair of flip flops in my purse, but I was still stuck holding my heels in one hand, my beverage in the other, and having to pass my drink off to friends when I wanted to take pics or videos on my phone. This got old quick, so I dug around in my purse to find two hair ties, a couple of bobby pins, and in less than a minute, used those to secure my heels around the hardware on my crossbody strap. Problem solved.

After the concert, I was hanging out in one of the casinos when I started noticing packs of barefoot women wandering around in cute little cocktail dresses—everyone different, but still on the exact same level of Fuck It.

They weaved through the slot machine carrying their heels, dropping their heels, forgetting their heels.

Trying to Snapchat and hold a drink all while continuing the balancing act of keeping all their shit together. I felt their pain.

Upon returning to Denver a few days later, the inspiration for My Shoe Bae was in full force, and the rest is history! Luna + Roxly was formed in January of 2018.

My Shoe Bae is the high heel holding accessory that eliminates stress in situations where you should be celebrating, partying, or worrying about things other than your aching feet or where you left your heels.

Luna + Roxly has blossomed into a full Party Girl solution brand. Stay tuned for new products and tons of tips and tricks to make your evening out a little more comfortable and a lot more fun! <3

Heels Hurt. Take them off!

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